Club Nights



Club Nights take place on most Friday nights during the Summer season at the Riverside Pool.

Races on club nights start at 6.30pm sharp and it is recommended that swimmers have made any changes to entries by 6.15pm.

Admission is $5.00 per swimmer or $10.00 per family (swimmers only). This covers pool hire.  Please pay this fee as you enter the pool on Club Night.

For insurance purposes payment of fees/subs need to be received by the 3rd swim at a Club night for new members.  Pre-existing members must be financial to be able to enter.  All entries are done online via 'Team App'.  Newcomers may enter on the night.

Details of weekly programs are listed on our website and results are posted on 'Team App'.                                                                       

The Club Night Coordinator uses Meet Manager software to sort the entries into races so that, if possible, every swimmer in each race is of similar ability.  Swimmers will be asked to go to marshaling before their races and then proceed to the start.  To support the role of the race caller, spectators and swimmers are asked to cease talking and listen carefully.

Swimmers should be seated in the stands while waiting for their call to race.

Showers and change areas are not to be used as a playground.

Spectators and swimmers are not to use any of the other pools during Club Night.

Parents of swimmers are requested to assist and take their turn with timekeeping for Club nights.  Training and support for this role is available.

All children attending Club Night under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by a parent/carer.  If this is not possible, then a designated adult must be identified as the carer of the child for that particular Club night and an emergency contact left with that person.


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