Club Nights

RACING RULES for Riverside Aquatic Club Nights


The Race



















These people are very important to the smooth running of club nights.  The club relies on volunteer parents to fill these positions.  The committee members will be only too pleased to show any new parents how to time keep or judge a race.  The more volunteers we have, the easier it is to run a club night.  The club needs the following officials to operate smoothly: -


It is the referee’s job to run the races and judge the strokes of swimmers.  He/she gives rulings on any disputes, queries, etc. and can overrule all officials to obtain a decision.


 They make any last minutes changes to the seeding of entries into evenly matched races where possible.


They must time the swimmers in their allocated lanes.  They start their clocks at the flash of the light on the starting apparatus and stop as the swimmers touch the pool’s end.  The slowest time of the two is recorded.


It is the chief timekeeper’s job to see that the timekeepers record the correct time and the winner’s time.


 It is the announcer’s job to announce to keep everyone informed of the nights events.


The Starter controls the start of the race after the referee gives the all clear whistle.  The command used is TAKE YOUR MARKS and when the swimmers are ready he sounds the horn.  If the swimmers do not take their marks in the required manner or time, the starter will tell the swimmers to relax and then he will start again.  He can warn swimmers for improper behaviour at the start.


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